4 Bedroom Villa

Nestled within the heart of the luxurious Dreaming View Villa lies the main living space, a 100 sqm sanctuary that epitomizes the essence of modern elegance and relaxation. This central area serves as the vibrant hub of the villa, boasting avant-garde architecture that harmoniously blends sophistication with functionality.

Designed to showcase the breathtaking natural beauty of its surroundings, the main living space captivates guests with its panoramic sea views. Expansive 12-meter bay windows seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor realms, inviting the mesmerizing hues of the azure sea to flood the room with light and warmth. Whether lounging on plush sofas or enjoying a meal at the dining table, guests are enveloped in the serene ambiance of the coastal paradise.

Beyond its awe-inspiring vistas, the main living space of Dreaming View Villa is meticulously crafted to offer a comfortable, user-friendly, and relaxing lifestyle. Every detail, from the carefully curated furnishings to the state-of-the-art amenities, is curated to enhance the guest experience. Sink into sumptuous seating arrangements, bask in the glow of natural sunlight filtering through the windows, or unwind with your favorite book while listening to the gentle lull of the waves.

The villa features four spacious bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, providing privacy and convenience for every guest. The ensuite bathrooms are modern and elegantly appointed, featuring sleek fixtures, rain showers, and premium toiletries, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience.

In addition to the bedrooms, the villa offers multiple communal areas where guests can gather and socialize. The main living space, with its open floor plan and panoramic sea views, serves as the focal point of the villa. Here, guests can relax on comfortable sofas, dine together at the expansive dining table, or simply soak in the beauty of the surroundings through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining, the villa’s fully equipped kitchen is a chef’s delight. Stocked with high-end appliances, cookware, and utensils, it provides everything needed to prepare delicious meals for family and friends. Guests can also opt to dine alfresco on the spacious terrace, which offers sweeping views of the ocean and lush tropical landscape.

In addition to the indoor amenities, the villa features outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and recreation. The private swimming pool is perfect for cooling off on hot days, while the sun deck invites guests to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm tropical breeze. With its perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and functionality, the Dreaming View Villa offers an unforgettable retreat for discerning travellers seeking a slice of paradise.

Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Nestled within this exquisite tropical villa, you’ll discover not one but two splendid dining areas that offer a unique and luxurious dining experience.

Indoor Dining: The first, indoor dining area, is a haven of elegance and comfort. A large, beautifully furnished space designed to seat up to 8 guests. The interior ambience is air-conditioned, creating a cool and inviting atmosphere. It’s ideal for intimate family gatherings or entertaining friends in a climate-controlled environment. You can relish delicious meals in absolute comfort while still feeling the tropical beauty through large, strategically placed windows.

Outdoor Terrace Dining: For those who crave the true essence of a tropical getaway, the second dining area beckons. Located on a charming terrace just outside the villa, this space allows you to dine al fresco while immersing yourself in the lush, tropical surroundings. The terrace offers seating for up to 8 people, with a stylish setup that perfectly captures the essence of outdoor living. Enjoy your meals under the clear blue skies or beneath the stars, with the gentle tropical breeze providing the perfect backdrop to your dining experience.

These two dining areas present you with the flexibility to savour your meals in a setting that suits your mood and the occasion, providing a blend of indoor sophistication and the enchanting beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or simply sharing a casual meal with loved ones, these dining spaces make your culinary moments memorable and uniquely tropical.

Fully Equipped Open Kitchen

Step into the heart of this tropical villa, and you’ll be captivated by the large, fully equipped open kitchen area that seamlessly combines modern convenience with island elegance.

Central Island: The centerpiece of this culinary paradise is the expansive central island, which not only adds a touch of grandeur but also serves as a practical workspace. With ample room for meal preparation, it’s a hub for both cooking and casual gatherings. This is where culinary creativity meets social engagement.

American Fridge with Icemaker: The kitchen features an American-style fridge, complete with an icemaker, offering a steady supply of ice for your tropical drinks and refreshments. With spacious storage, your groceries and fresh produce will always be in their optimal condition.

Induction Cooking System: A modern induction cooking system graces the countertop, allowing for precise and efficient cooking. It’s not just high-tech; it’s also a safer and cleaner way to prepare your favorite dishes, ensuring that the flavors of your culinary creations truly shine.

Oven and Microwave: For the more extensive culinary endeavors, an oven and microwave are at your disposal. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or reheating leftovers, you’ll find these appliances invaluable for your culinary aspirations.

This kitchen is more than a space to prepare meals; it’s a culinary haven where the aroma of your favorite dishes mingles with the tropical breeze that wafts in through the open windows. From casual breakfasts at the central island to sumptuous feasts prepared with the modern amenities, this kitchen ensures that your culinary adventures are as memorable as the tropical paradise that surrounds you.

It’s where you can showcase your culinary talents while indulging in the very best that island living has to offer.

Discover the ultimate luxury retreat in our 4 bedroom villa

Unwind in style and embrace tranquility amidst breathtaking tropical surroundings

Stunning views, luxurious amenities and inviting ambiance

Spacious Living Room Area

Welcome to the epitome of relaxation and entertainment in this tropical villa’s spacious living room area. It’s designed to be your haven of comfort and enjoyment.

Comfortable Sofas: The heart of this living space is adorned with plush, comfortable sofas that invite you to unwind and savour your leisure moments. Whether you’re curling up with a book, sharing stories with friends, or simply enjoying the tranquillity, these sofas offer an inviting respite.

55’’ CURVED 4K Smart TV: The focal point of this area is the impressive 55-inch CURVED 4K Smart TV. The curvature of the screen provides an immersive viewing experience, enveloping you in your favourite content. With a vast selection of TV channels, Netflix, YouTube, and more, you’ll have an array of entertainment options at your fingertips.

Home Theatre and Sound System: To elevate your cinematic adventures, a state-of-the-art home theatre system has been meticulously installed. Immerse yourself in your favourite movies with unparalleled audio quality, creating a theatre-like atmosphere right in the comfort of your villa. Feel the rich, deep tones and crystal-clear dialogues as you get lost in the world of cinema.

This living room is more than just a space; it’s where you create cherished memories with your loved ones. Whether it’s a cosy movie night, watching the big game, or simply basking in the ambience, this room offers the perfect blend of comfort and entertainment. It’s your retreat within a retreat, ensuring that your stay in this tropical villa is not just a vacation but an experience to remember.

Swimming Pool & Sun Deck

Day and night, the multicolour-lighted large swimming pool at the 4-bedroom villa offers an enchanting experience. Guests can delight in its depth and overflow, all while enjoying a direct view of the lush jungle and serene sea. Whether it’s a refreshing dip under the warm tropical sun or a leisurely swim under the starry night sky, the swimming pool provides a perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Surrounded by a spacious sun deck, the pool area invites guests to lounge and unwind in style. Comfortable sun loungers are strategically placed for soaking up the sun’s rays, while umbrellas offer shade for those seeking respite from the heat. The tranquil ambiance of the sun deck creates an idyllic setting for enjoying a refreshing drink, reading a book, or simply taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

In the evening, the pool area transforms into a magical retreat as the multicolour lights illuminate the water, casting a mesmerizing glow across the entire space. Guests can gather around the pool, savoring the warm tropical breeze and the soothing sounds of nature, creating unforgettable moments with loved ones.

With its stunning views, luxurious amenities, and inviting ambiance, the swimming pool and sun deck at the 4-bedroom villa offer the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication for an unforgettable vacation experience.

4 bedroom villa
4 bedroom villa
4 bedroom villa

Games & Family Fun

Nestled within this tropical villa is a games area that promises hours of leisure and family bonding. At its centre lies a modern pool table, a sophisticated addition that adds a touch of elegance to your recreational moments.

Pool Table: The sleek and modern pool table is the centrepiece of this space. It beckons both beginners and seasoned players to engage in friendly matches, sharpening their cue skills. The perfectly level surface and high-quality accessories ensure that every game is played with precision.

Family Games: Beyond the pool table, this area offers a delightful selection of family games. You’ll find a variety of board games, card games, and other entertainment options suitable for all ages. Whether you’re sharing laughs over a classic board game or challenging each other’s wits in a card game, this space fosters a sense of togetherness and friendly competition.

This games area is not just a place for recreation; it’s a hub for building cherished memories. It encourages moments of connection and camaraderie, making it an ideal setting for families and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you’re honing your pool skills or engaging in spirited game nights, this space promises endless fun and relaxation during your stay in this tropical paradise.


Online Testimonials

The Mirror of the SeaAugust 2023
Read More
If you work online or you are a digit nomad , this villa is the place to stay in the island! They open an amazing seaview workspace fully equipped with very fast WIFI and Ethernet networks , a desk for 3 or 4 staffs , ideal place for your creativity and a meeting table. This space is located inside the tropical garden and close to the fitness room. Of course, this villa offer everything that you could need luxury, fully equipped pool table , tennis table poker set,,a beautiful infinity swimming pool and a great, friendly and efficient team. A wonderful and productivity stay for us. Highly recommended
2Nils OttermannSeptember 2022
Read More
We have been staying at Patrick's villa with 4 friends in the end of August. Everything has been perfect. Yes, it's on a steep, little hill, but it's doable and it's what is giving you the great view from the villa. The 2 staff members have been amazing and cleaned the place every day. The place is exactly as listed and there were no shortcomings at all. The infinity pool was great, especially enjoyable with the floating devices and the hanging chairs provided. And the Jacuzzi in the garden even came with color-changing lights at night, which was very relaxing. Given you have some experience in riding a scooter, the way up the hill will be an easy one. I can wholeheartedly recommend staying at Patrick's villa and we will be back, that's for sure. Thanks again!
AnnaJuly 2023
Read More
Ooohhh Eeemmm Geee! This place is a feat of engineering. Set on the side of a steep hill the view is breathtaking. The pool is amazing. The spa is a fun little addition. The place is gorgeous. The staff are friendly, helpful and have great senses of humour. They are discrete and non intrusive but checked on us each morning to see what we needed. I’ve already sent the link for this property to several people. At the bottom of the hill there are restaurants and bars and beach parties. Haad Yao is definitely one of the best places on Koh Phangan. Yes, the driveway is steep but you get used to it once you dive into the pool the five minute walk up the hill from the restaurants is forgotten. The hosts arranged transfers to and from the pier and taxi can get your luggage (and your group) up the hill and back down at the end of your stay. Loved this place! It’s a destination all
zaty janetSeptember 2022
Read More
One week ,end of March . in this amazing villa . The location is awesome with a crasy view , very quiet and huge villa. We are 2 couples and we can change master bedroom during our stay. The 2 staffs are very helpful and take care very well of cleaning and gardening. The director is kind and organize very well our 2VIP transfers. High level of equipments a perfect pool table , fitness room, a fresh and large swimming pool and a jaccuzi inside the tropical garden to enjoy the sunset . We loved, I recommend this villa , in fact the price quality ratio is in the top 3 of the island. We will be back in October.
JuliusDecember 2022
Read More
Overall we had a great stay at the Villa. Positive aspects: The view from the villa is fantastic overseeing the beach. The outside area and pool is very spacious. Down the street are great restaurants and 7-Eleven for basic things Organization/contact/services of the house. Support of the staff if anything is needed. Pool table/Ping Pong table and further games.
Alexander WengSeptember 2022
Read More
We had some really memorable unparalleled days in the villa. The place is amazing and so is the staff. It is worth 5 stars in all aspects. The view is amazing. The street up there is walkable in 5-10min from the beach and the view is worth that. We did it with 2 children even. For a few days we had a scooter which reaches the spot also nicely. Also the taxi did so. So dont believe any ratings here about hard climbing… it is just a steep road. No problem. The villa has a nice ambience due to the warm hearted staff consisting pae and praw who are managers and gardeners and cooks and helping hands in all aspects. They even gave us incl the children a really nice cooking class and now we know how to make laab moo, pad thai and massamann curry. The pool ist nice, fresh and clean and infinite. The view the wiew the wiew!!! Fresh ice cubes from the fridge, 4 bedrooms each with own shower and toilet… It is so relaxing. Who goes there, wont regret.
OmarOctober 2022
Read More
Great home, the service was even better. The hostess was amazing. The only thing I would say is that some of the pictures showing are from some time ago. I would advise updating them to current pics.,
Maddel KDecember 2022
Read More
The other reviews are right...the view from this villa is STUNNING! Modern villa, fantastic Concierge (Tio, Cookie and team). We had laundry done daily. The location of this villa is a huge plus, within a 5 min motorbike ride to many delicious restaurants, cafes and numerous quiet beaches. This is the ‘other’ side of Ko panghan, away from the full moon tourist side. Highly recommend, will stay again. Thank you!

All Villa Suites

Sunset View Suite

Nestled on the highest floor, it boasts a private balcony granting sweeping 180-degree views of the mesmerizing sunset over the tropical landscape.
Pool View Suite

Pool View Suite

The Pool View Suite epitomizes luxury and relaxation, offering guests an array of enticing features that enhance their tropical villa experience.

Sea View Suite

The Seaview Suite is not just a room; it’s an immersive journey into coastal grandeur. Each detail is meticulously designed to elevate your retreat, ensuring that your stay transcends the boundaries of ordinary luxury.
Jungle Suite

Jungle Suite

Immerse yourself in the epitome of tropical luxury as you explore the exquisite features of this remarkable suite where you’ll create cherished memories in the lap of nature’s luxury


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