We were 7 friends who had stayed in the dreaming villa and without a doubt its one of the best in the area. Other villas may look a little better on the website but none gave us such warm response as Patrick had given. The villa in itself was huge and had amazing views of the ocean. The pool was fantastic and so were the rooms. We had
high expectations from the villa and still we loved it by all means, so i would recommend it to everyone. Special mention for the manager come hostess tiao (sorry if i spelled it wrong) , she was amazing host. Cooked great food and was gem of a person. Food is chargeable here but believe me by the food standards its not at all expensive and easily anyone can afford. Overall if we have an option to stay again in koh phangan we would definitely stay at the dreaming villa.

Devashish – India – 22 September – 25 September . 2018

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